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Rose Water Facial Cleanser

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Rose Water Facial Cleanser

Our rose water facial cleanser gives your skin everything it needs at the end of the day. It’s thick, rich and creamy, simply rub on your face than wipe off with a cloth or tissue to remove makeup, dirt and grime from your skin and leaving behind soft, supple skin.

Our 1st ingredient is rose water which helps balance complexion, reduce redness and reduce irritations.

Borage Oil is the has the highest amount of GLA and is rich in antioxidants and vitamins to help fight the aging and damage of skin.

Camellia Oil helps improve the tone and texture of skin when dealing with the abuse of environmental elements. It also reduces the appearance of aging and hydrates the complexion. It is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it silky smooth without the greasy feeling.

Jojoba Oil closely resembles the sebum of skin and is rich in Vitamin E.

Rice Bran Oil has a high percentage of fatty acids and unsaponifiables and is one of the best sources of tocotrienols, an antioxidant that may be much more powerful and effective than Vitamin E.

Each cream comes in an 8oz volume low profile black jar.

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